Big Cookie Strategy in Mobile Development

This post is about the Big Cookie Strategy in particular the Big Cookie Model. The goal is to optimise exchange between a server and a mobile application. It has been elaborated based on real life study case, far away of perfect development context where connectivity is of very high quality.

Big Cookie Strategy in Mobile Development

Step by step:

       Mobile verifies availability of connection: and then connectivity state: Edge, 3G or Wifi

       Mobile asks needed data to server with the connectivity state in user agent

       Server sends prefetch data depending on the connectivity: ( | 3G | )

The trick resides in the fact that the size of data set sent by the server depends on the connectivity state of the mobile device. For instance, following are different data set depending on the connectivity:

Connectivity Example of Data Set
Edge Info since one or two hours
3G or 4G Info since 3 days
Wifi Info since 15 days


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